Supplier Spotlight. Hypnos Beds: Pioneering Sustainability in the Bedroom

In a world where environmental consciousness is paramount, the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly choices extends beyond daily habits to the products we bring into our homes. For over a decade, Hypnos Beds has been leading the charge in the bedding industry, setting an inspiring example with their carbon neutral and environmentally friendly policies. As a trusted supplier to our Castle Bromwich bed and mattress store, Hypnos Beds has demonstrated unwavering commitment, making them the first bed manufacturer globally to achieve carbon neutrality.

Carbon Neutrality: A Decade-Long Commitment

Hypnos Beds’ journey towards sustainability began over a decade ago when they became the first bed manufacturer to achieve carbon neutrality. In strict compliance with PAS 2060, the international standard for carbon neutrality, Hypnos has gone above and beyond, offsetting an impressive 10,294 tonnes of CO2e during this period. This achievement showcases their pioneering and long-running environmental credentials.

The Planet Mark Certification

The commitment to sustainability goes beyond words for Hypnos Beds, evident in their recognition by The Planet Mark. This prestigious sustainability certification is a testament to the company’s continuous efforts to improve across various areas, ranging from employee engagement to building a sustainable culture. Aligned with the United Nations Decade of Action, The Planet Mark acknowledges and celebrates businesses like Hypnos that actively contribute to sustainable living, climate change mitigation, and the creation of a circular economy.

Holistic Approach to Carbon Reduction

Hypnos Beds understands the urgent need for carbon reduction and has implemented robust measures to address their carbon footprint. Their approach emphasizes the use of renewable natural resources and a dedication to low-carbon solutions in product designs and ethical bed production. Beyond the factory walls, Hypnos engages with local communities, schools, and conservation groups, actively participating in tree-planting initiatives to sequester carbon and foster biodiversity.

Sustainable Materials for a Better Tomorrow

Sustainability isn’t just a checkbox for Hypnos; it’s woven into the fabric of their business. Literally. All Hypnos mattresses are crafted using 100% natural and sustainable fibers, ensuring that they are fully recyclable and won’t contribute to landfill sites at the end of their lifecycle. Moreover, these mattresses are free of harmful and allergy-inducing chemicals, eschewing the use of synthetic, chemical-based foams or memory foams.

Endorsements from Environmental Leaders

The commitment of Hypnos Beds to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. Steve Malkin, CEO, and founder of The Planet Mark commended Hypnos for their relentless pursuit of truly sustainable beds. He emphasized the significance of businesses understanding and reducing their environmental impact, applauding Hypnos for their strong commitment to social responsibility and the environment.

Active Participation in Global Initiatives

Hypnos Beds doesn’t stop at achieving industry standards; they actively contribute to global initiatives. Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and pledging allegiance to HRH The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta recovery plan, Hypnos is putting the planet first. James Keen, Chief Executive Officer of Hypnos, personally pledged the company’s support to this ambitious recovery plan, showcasing a deep commitment to tackling climate change, preserving natural resources, and minimizing single-use plastic pollution.

In conclusion, when you invest in a Hypnos Bed, you’re not just investing in a good night’s sleep; you’re investing in a sustainable future. Hypnos Beds’ unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, carbon neutrality, and ethical business practices sets them apart as a trailblazer in the bedding industry. As a bed and mattress retailer, we take pride in offering products that not only provide comfort but also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet. Choose Hypnos Beds, and sleep soundly, knowing you’re making a positive impact on the world