Supplier Spotlight. Introducing Millbrook Beds


In the quaint Millbrook area of Southampton in 1946, a small upholstery and bedding workshop opened its doors under the vision of Walter Croll. This was the inception of Millbrook Beds, a name that has become synonymous with craftsmanship, luxury, and impeccable quality. The backdrop of daily sailings of majestic ships from renowned lines like Cunard, P&O, and Union Castle into Southampton Water set the stage for Millbrook’s commitment to excellence.


Walter Croll’s workshop quickly gained recognition for its outstanding workmanship, attracting discerning customers. The pinnacle of success came when the Union Castle Line awarded Millbrook a contract to refurnish and carpet their entire fleet. This marked the beginning of a journey that has seen Millbrook Beds consistently grow and prosper over the decades.

Since those early days, Millbrook has continued to thrive, employing the same key skills that earned it the Union Castle Line contract. Their attention to quality and eye for detail have given them an enviable reputation worldwide, catering to luxury furniture and Contract Market Places in both Government and Corporate sectors.


Whether crafting a luxury yacht interior, painting a vehicle, or building the front door for 10 Downing Street, Millbrook’s goal has remained consistent – to provide a competitive price for the best quality, delivered on time. This commitment to excellence echoes through every facet of their business, setting the standard for the industry.


Sleeping soundly requires peace of mind, and when you choose a Millbrook Bed, you can rest easy knowing that the company has an environmentally responsible approach to sourcing and sustainability. Millbrook prioritizes the use of raw materials from sustainable sources, such as cotton grown in the USA and locally sourced wool.

The company’s environmentally-friendly approach is evident in its use of a fully biological solution to treat mattress tickings, meeting flame retardant standards without compromising on eco-friendliness. Millbrook Beds takes recycling to the next level by repurposing nine million plastic bottles annually for use in mattress borders and headboards, contributing to a greener planet.

In line with responsible forest management, all Millbrook Bed’s divans are constructed using timber from FSC®-certified forests. This international, non-governmental organization is dedicated to promoting the responsible management of the world’s forests, ensuring that your sleep environment is not only luxurious but also ethically sourced.


In a world filled with disposable goods, Millbrook Beds stands as a testament to longevity. Each mattress is lovingly handcrafted to last a decade or more, defying the notion of a ‘throw away’ culture. When you invest in a Millbrook mattress, you’re investing in quality that endures.


At the heart of Millbrook Beds lies a commitment to utilizing nature’s finest materials, and Hampshire Wool is a shining example. Sourced locally, this one-of-a-kind natural fiber offers superior sleep performance. The unique bulk and resilience of Hampshire Wool ensure that the fiber can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking and still bounce back to its original shape.

Wool’s natural helical shape and biochemical composition make it an incredibly strong and durable fiber, enhancing the overall durability and comfort of Millbrook mattresses. This dedication to using premium materials reflects Millbrook’s unwavering commitment to providing a sleep experience that goes beyond mere functionality.


As we embark on this journey into the world of Millbrook Beds, it’s evident that this brand goes beyond being just another supplier. It embodies a legacy of craftsmanship, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment. When you choose a Millbrook Bed, you’re not just investing in a mattress; you’re choosing a partner in your quest for the perfect sleep experience – a journey that began in 1946 and continues to flourish with each meticulously crafted bed. So, please visit our Castle Bromwich Store to lie back, relax, and embrace the luxury that Millbrook Beds brings to your sleep sanctuary.