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Why choose The Bed Warehouse Direct

Why should I use The Bed Warehouse for my next bed or mattress?

After successfully advising 1000's of customers on sleep matters for over 30 years we feel that we've become genuine experts in this important industry. By matching our customers needs with high quality products at genuine year round good value prices coupled with an unrivalled level of service our customers return time and again.

What size of bed is right for me

What size of bed is right for me?

Bigger is always better where sleep is concerned. Many of us are disturbed by our partners nocturnal movements so allowing yourself as much sleep space as possible reduces night time disruption and gives both partners a deeper, more refreshing nights sleep. Obviously any decision on size has to be based on the dimensions of your bedroom too. (Full UK bed and mattress size guide). Watch our short video for more information.

Is a firmer mattress better for my back

Is a firmer mattress better for my back? Do I need an orthopaedic?

Not necessarily. The days of beds as hard as boards are gone for most people. Look for a supportive, responsive mattress that has the ability to adapt to the curved nature of most people's spines. Any decision on firmness should be made with consideration for your own weight and body shape.

What are open coil springs

What are open coil springs?

Open coil springs are large coil springs often clipped or linked together. This can create a firmer feeling or orthopaedic style bed or mattress as each spring is supported by the springs around it. It can mean however that movement on one side of the mattress can be felt on the other side possibly disturbing your partner. If this is a worry look at pocket spring or full foam alternatives.

What are pocket springs and what do they do

What are pocket springs and what do they do?

Pocket springs are coil springs individually encased in fabric pockets. Effectively disconnected from surrounding coils each spring is able to respond only to the weight placed upon it. This creates a very responsive, comfortable and supportive feel which also limits the movement that may be felt across a mattress from your partner.

What mattress core is best, open coil spring, pocket spring or support foam

What mattress core is best, open coil spring, pocket spring or support foam?

The core of a mattress needs to be firm enough to support correct spinal alignment without being so firm that it causes pressure points or interferes with your optimum position. All three types of mattress core can do a good job dependent on your personal comfort preference, your sleep position and your own body size/weight.

What is the best filling for a mattress

What is the best filling for a mattress?

Mattress fillings should compress around the sleepers body to add both support and comfort and insulate you from the core of the mattress and of course regain their shape quickly. Given these demands resilient natural fillings like wool, silk, cashmere and latex are often seen as premium mattress fillings. Synthetic foams can provide less expensive alternatives.

What is memory foam and will it make me hot

What is memory foam and will it make me hot?

Memory foam utilizes the sleepers own body heat to perfectly mould around the body. Some people find this type of foam both comfortable and supportive. However, many people complain that a full memory foam mattress is too hot and can feel restrictive. Some very popular mattresses utilize a combination of springs, for air flow, with a layer of memory foam for comfort. If you are sensitive to being warm at night we advise caution when considering memory foam products.

The best mattress fabric and finish to choose

What is the best fabric and finish to choose?

Traditionally mattresses are covered in hard wearing damask fabrics but more often we see knitted stretch fabric covers which allow for a more comfortable responsive feel. Often a mattress will be finished with tufts effectively tying the top surface to the bottom and creating a slightly firmer feel depending on the length of the tuft. Overall these finishes depend on personal comfort preference with neither being better than the other.

Help choosing a new bed or mattress

What are the pitfalls i should look to avoid when buying a new bed or mattress?

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