5 Best Mattresses For Heavier People

Everyone should consider their own weight when deciding on a suitable mattress as it is a crucial factor in how a new mattress will perform. As a heavier than average person you will need a firmer mattress or a higher density of springs, or both, to achieve correct posture support.
It’s also important to consider your partner. If they are lighter than you then their requirements from a mattress will be different and finding a correct compromise can often be our biggest challenge in store.
We’ve created a list of five mattresses that we find work well for heavier people obviously dependent on budget, desired comfort level and partner requirements.


1. Orthoflex20 Mattress. Double from £219.95.
High density foam. Rolled.
Extra firm support level.
Pro’s: Very very hard. Not quite as hard as the floor but not far off. Of course this has its benefits. Mainly no roll together/partner disturbance and its very long lasting and durable.
Con’s: Limited ‘sink in’ which can displace a persons hips and shoulders and lead to upper and lower back ache. This is one for the heavier person or a particular taste in extreme firm mattress.
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2. Topaz Ortho Mattress. Double from £239.95.
Open coil spring.
Firm/extra firm support level.
Pro’s: A solid, sturdy and reliable mattress and very resilient. The springs are made from slightly thicker metal wire (12.5g) than an average mattress so will be firmer and stay firmer longer. This would be my starting point in store for a larger person looking for a supportive mattress.
Con’s: It’s vitally important not to buy too firm. This can cause as many problems as a too soft mattress. If there is a partner you’ll need to consider their needs too as this is a very firm mattress.
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3. Natural Collection 1000 Mattress. Double from £349.95.
1000 pocket springs. Natural fillings.
Firm support level.
Pro’s: A firm mattress fully capable of supporting a heavier person with the added responsiveness of pocket springs. These springs allow the mattress to flex more where you are heavier, often around the hips, and less where you are lighter, often around the lower back area. The result is not only contoured support but limited partner disturbance.
Con’s: One weakness that may be an issue for a heavier person is a lack of any edge/border reinforcement in this mattress. If you are a heavier build and sometimes encounter problems getting in and out of bed then perhaps consider a model with edge reinforcement i.e Sealy Millionaire Ortho below.
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4. Sealy Millionaire Ortho Mattress. Double from £429.95.
Posturepedic spring unit. Edge guard.
Firm support level.
Pro’s: Sealy are famous for their firmer range of mattresses and the Millionaire  Ortho is the firmest of the collection. This is principally because of the ‘Edge Guard’ system that reinforces the edge of the mattress and adds firmness across the whole sleep surface. A great mattress that we’ve been supplying to heavier customers for over 30 years.
Con’s: Usual warning, it’s firm, please consider both your own and your partners needs. Does require regular turning.
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5. Highgrove Mayfield Ortho Mattress. Double from £569.95.
2000 pocket springs. Natural fillings.
Firm support level.
Pro’s: High pocket spring count, densely packed natural fillings, extra firm feel. A real top quality specification but rather than sink in luxury that you would often find this mattress is designed to offer a solid, substantial feel. Great for heavier people.
Con’s: Not enough ‘give’ for average or below average body frames unless that person enjoys a very firm sleep. Don’t buy too firm.
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Thank you for reading our list of our 5 recommended mattresses for heavier people. We’d love to see you in store if at all possible as trying out a number of mattresses is really the best way to find the perfect mattress for your individual preferences.