5 Best Pillows

The correct pillow can make an enormous difference to the quality of your sleep. A good pillow and a good mattress really work hand in hand to give you the correct spinal alignment all night long. Nobody enjoys constantly having to ‘plump’ their pillow through the night and with a modern pillow this can be avoided.

Consider your weight and sleeping position when choosing a new pillow. As a rule of thumb back/front sleepers require a thinner pillow  whilst side sleepers generally need a thicker pillow.

Similarly a heavier person will need a firmer pillow and a lighter person can gain enough support from a softer pillow.

We have an extensive range of pillows in store and have received some great feed-back as to their  performance. Here are our 5 favourites for support and value for money.


1. Silentnight Luxury Hotel Comfort Pillow. Pair £20.
Polyester hollow fibre.
Medium feel.
Pro’s: Fresh and deep comfort. Great value from a household name. Different class to some of the budget pillows on the market.
Con’s: Hollowfibre will compress and flatten over time. Great value but won’t recover their shape as well as the other pillows on this list.
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2.  Silentnight Pocket Sprung Pillow.  £25.
Core of encased pocket springs.
Firm feel.
Pro’s: Superb recovery. Bounces back immediately for a firm, supportive pillow.
Con’s: Quite high. May not suit smaller/lighter people.
More info here.


3. Silentnight Latex Core Pillow. £30.
Latex core.
Medium feel.
Pro’s: Latex is a fantastic material to sleep on. Naturally elastic it recovers it’s shape quickly, is cool, breathable and really comfortable. Air mesh walls aid moisture dispersal. Great pillow.
Con’s: Personally it’s a bit soft. But that is purely my taste. Sells incredibly well in store.
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4.Silentnight Active Geltex Core. £30.
Geltex core.
Medium firm feel.
Pro’s: Responsiveness of memory foam without the increased heat associated with memory foam.
Con’s: Geltex has a slower recovery time than latex or spring and can feel a bit flat in comparison. Some people obviously like this feel as it is one of our best selling pillows in store.
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5. Mammoth Ultimate Pillow. £90.
Medical grade foam.
Medium feel.
Pro’s: An amazing combination of substantial posture support with a cloud like, weightless feel. Fantastic. Available in slim and deep.
Con’s: Too soft for someone who likes a very firm pillow.
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Thank you for reading our list of our 5 favourite pillows. We’d love to see you in store if at all possible as trying out a number of pillows is really the best way to find the perfect level of support for your individual preferences.