5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses seem to divide opinion. Many of my returning customers have been happy with the pressure relieving properties memory foam mattresses offer. And have enjoyed the no roll together support full foam mattresses have.
But I do speak to customers on a daily basis who having slept on full memory foam mattresses have a couple of common reservations.

A. They have found them uncomfortably hot. And…

B. They have felt too sunk in which makes movement difficult and provokes a claustrophobic feeling.

Our list of the 5 best memory foam mattresses include some great value full foam mattresses but we’ve also included some hybrid memory foam mattresses. We’ve found that a mix of memory foam and spring results in a cooler sleep and offers more ‘bounce back’ than a full foam mattress. This way you don’t have to miss out on the many benefits of memory foam but can avoid some of the common pitfalls.


Superb customer reviews

1. Memory Collection Hybrid Mattress. Double from £189.95.
Open coil springs with memory foam.
Medium support level.
Pro’s: A significant pad of memory sits above fairly firm open coil springs bringing the pressure relieving properties of memory foam. Memory foam also has great recovery properties and is very durable. In my opinion its a superb filling/layer for a mattress. The common issues only seem to arise when its used above foam.
Con’s: Open coil springs in the core of the mattress are prone to side sway especially when two sleepers have a large weight differential.
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2. Bronze Flex Memory Foam Mattress. Double from £199.95.
Memory foam mattress.
Medium firm support level.
Pro’s: Great value full foam mattress. No roll together, superb support, long lasting, good quality knitted cover. All the benefits we have learnt to expect from a UK made memory foam mattress.
Con’s: It goes without saying, expect to be warm. Many people enjoy the extra warmth of memory foam but if you don’t then avoid full memory foam.
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3. Majestic Cool Gel Hybrid Mattress. Double from £349.95.
1000 pocket springs with cool gel memory foam.
Medium/firm support level.
Pro’s: The memory foam is chemically altered/treated to remain cool yet still reacts like normal memory foam would. Great solution to those who need pressure relief but require a cool sleep.
Con’s: The core of pocket springs combine to create quite a firm feel. Definitely firmer than a full foam mattress with more bounce back so should be avoided if you enjoy the sink in feeling of memory foam.
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4. True Seasons Bamboo 1500 Mattress. Double from £349.95.
1500 pocket springs. Dual season functionality.
Medium support level.
Pro’s: Winter surface and non-memory Summer surface solve the problem of those hot and sticky Summer nights which are made much worse by memory foam. It’s great to have the option of a non memory sleep surface should it ever be needed.
Con’s: The non memory surface does require turning so couldn’t be used continuously should this become your favourite side.
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5. Highgrove Radiant 1500 Hybrid Mattress. Double from £619.95.
1500 pocket spring mattress. Memory foam filling.
Medium/soft support level.
Pro’s: All the benefits of a deep memory foam layer. However the pocket springs below act like tiny bellows pumping air around the mattress as the sleepers move about. This acts to move excess heat out of the mattress. The bamboo cover also wicks away moisture helping the body’s own cooling mechanism.
Con’s: Predominantly a memory foam feel with a lot of ‘sink’. Avoid if this isn’t the level of support that you like.
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Thank you for reading this list of our 5 favourite memory foam mattresses. We’d love to see you in store if at all possible as trying out a number of mattresses is really the best way to find the perfect mattress for your individual preferences.