How often should you change your mattress?

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A comfortable mattress is essential for your quality of sleep and overall health. The support they provide over years of use helps keep your spine in a neutral position and reduce pressure point – two vital factors in posture and general physical health. Not only that, but the comfort of a mattress will influence how much sleep you get. We all know how it feels to have underslept, so the cumulative effect of poor sleep quality over years of a mattress’s lifespan will undoubtedly impact how you feel.

Lots of people ask how often you should replace your mattress; in this helpful blog, we’ll answer this question and more, providing useful insights to help improve your sleep.

How often should you replace your mattress?

It’s generally recommended to change your mattress every six to eight years. This is just a guide, however; each mattress is different, and there are several factors that can impact quality rather than just age.

Even the most durable mattresses lose support and comfort over time, and after a certain point, this can have a detrimental effect on our sleep. There are plenty of things for you to look out for, which we’ll outline below. 

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Reasons you should replace your mattress

There are several things to look out for if you’re wondering whether it’s time to change your mattress. These include:

The material of the mattress

Some materials are of higher quality than others, so will naturally last longer. Innerspring mattresses tend to have the shortest lifespan, whereas latex mattresses tend to last the longest. All materials will fall somewhere along this scale; if you have any questions about which material to go for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our sleep experts. We’re always happy to help, and will come up with a mattress that’s perfect for your unique situation.

Maintenance factors

How well you look after your mattress will directly impact its durability. At the point of purchase, check with the supplier to see if they recommend any actions that will influence how long the mattress lasts. It may be that rotating it every few months will be helpful, but make sure you check first.

Similarly, buying a mattress protector tends to make your mattress last longer, as it provides extra support. It’ll also give you a more comfortable night’s sleep, so it’ll never be a bad purchase.

The size and weight of the sleeper

The weight of sleepers may impact a mattress’s durability; the heavier the sleeper, the sooner the mattress is likely to sag – an early indicator that it’s time for a replacement. Likewise, couples will probably need to replace their mattress sooner than individuals, as the extra weight will impact support.

Pets and children

Sleeping with pets and children will increase the amount of pressure on the mattress, while any stains or damage they cause may cause you to change sooner.

How to find a mattress that’s right for you

There’s a lot to consider when finding a new mattress, but the long-term benefits make the whole process worth it. Here are a few things to bear in mind:


Decide how much you’re willing to spend so you can narrow down your search – it’ll make life a lot easier at the beginning.

Consider your sleep position

The position you sleep in will determine which mattress will be best for you. For example, people who sleep on their stomach generally benefit from firmer mattresses, whereas those who sleep on their sides tend to prefer a softer mattress.

Do lots of research

There are lots of different sizes, firmnesses, and materials to choose from, so be sure to look at the pros and cons of each before you make up your mind. 

If you have the option, try it out

Visiting a shop and trying out a mattress will be one of the best ways to test whether it’s right for you. Visit one of The Bed Warehouse Direct’s stores today to try out a range of different mattresses.

Speak to an expert

It’ll be a huge help to speak to someone with industry experience. At The Bed Warehouse Direct, our team has years of experience helping people find a mattress that’s perfect for them, so contact us today.

How can I make my mattress last longer?

There are several ways you can increase the longevity of your mattress. For example:

Rotate your mattress every few months

This isn’t the case with all mattresses, so be sure to check with your supplier; however, for many products, flipping them over a few times a year can prevent further damage.

Use a mattress protector

Mattress protectors provide support to both you and your mattress, meaning it’ll last longer and you’ll have a better night’s sleep. Plus, they’ll prevent stains – a great help in the long term!

Provide extra support for your mattress

Using a foundation or box spring can prevent sagging and prolong lifespan.

Don’t jump or stand on your mattress

This sounds obvious, but even having children jump and stand on a mattress can reduce its lifespan.

Keep an eye on room temperature

Temperature is less of an issue in the UK, but humid rooms can impact mattress quality over time. More pressing in our climate is direct sunlight, which can damage mattresses directly exposed to it.

Don’t eat in bed

Eating in bed causes crumbs and stains; over the years, the quality of your mattress will deteriorate as a result.


Once it gets to around the seven-year mark, we’d recommend you start having a look into new mattresses. Still, there are more factors than just age that contribute to the longevity of a mattress, so keep an eye out for any of the general signs of wear and tear we mentioned above. If you have any questions, speak to an expert at The Bed Warehouse Direct, or read our Bed Buyer’s Guide for more quality advice.

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FAQs when buying a mattress

Why is a good mattress important?

A high-quality mattress is important for a range of reasons. For example:

Physical and mental health

Sleep is essential for mental and physical health, and the quality of your mattress will impact the quality of your sleep. 

Support for spine and pressure points

Prevent aches and pains with a comfortable sleeping surface. This will benefit your overall health and help your posture.


The better quality your mattress, the longer it’s likely to last. Spending a bit more money on your mattress is likely to be beneficial in the long run.

Reduce stress

Poor sleep can contribute to stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues; a quality mattress will help combat these.

What factors do I need to consider when buying a new mattress?

Three factors you should consider when buying a new mattress are:


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