How many springs should a mattress have?

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Pocket sprung mattresses are renowned for comfort and durability, making them some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. However, it can be confusing knowing which one to go for, and several questions often come up. How many springs should a mattress have? Are more pocket springs better?

In this helpful guide on pocket sprung mattresses, we’ll answer these questions and more, helping you find a mattress that’s perfect for you. View our full range of mattresses, including our impressive collection of pocket sprung mattresses, at a great price.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses use individual springs that are encased in small fabric pockets. Each spring works independently, helping to distribute weight evenly across the surface of the mattress and providing targeted support to specific areas of the body. 

What are the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress?

Benefits of pocket sprung mattresses include:

They provide extra comfort and support

The fact that individual springs on a pocket sprung mattress move independently provides more support to your body, ensuring you get a comfortable night’s sleep. They’re great for weight distribution, especially for couples, who will benefit from equal support regardless of differences in size and weight.

They’re built to last

They’re long-lasting; those who take care of their pocket sprung mattress can enjoy more than eight years of comfort before they even notice any give. This is longer than most open coil mattresses.

They’re breathable

Pocket sprung mattresses are breathable, preventing a heat build-up.

How many springs should a pocket sprung mattress have?

High quality firm pocket sprung mattresses tend to have 1,000 springs or more. 600 is the minimum amount of springs in a pocket sprung mattress, whereas the maximum is around 2,000. It’s possible to have more than 2,000 springs, but it requires layering springs on top of each other. Mattresses with more springs may be firmer, but this isn’t the only factor to consider.


The figures above refer to king-sized mattresses; smaller mattresses will have proportionally fewer springs.

Are more pocket springs better?

Pocket springs are considered to be more comfortable and supportive than continuous coils, especially for people who sleep on their sides or who have a lot of weight concentrated in certain areas of their body. While it’s often thought that more springs makes a mattress more comfortable, this isn’t always the case. There are several factors involved when it comes to comfort, not to mention that comfort is subjective, and varies between individuals.

Some mattresses feature more than 2,000 springs, but this is done by layering multiple spring units on top of each other. It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that a 10,000 spring mattress will be more comfortable than a 2,000 spring mattress, but this just isn’t a rule you can rely on. At The Bed Warehouse Direct, we offer expert advice personal to you, helping you choose a mattress tailored to your needs. Contact us today – a member of our team will be happy to help.

What firmness are pocket spring mattresses available in?

Pocket sprung mattresses are available in:


If you’re after a pocket sprung mattress, we’d recommend looking for one with around 1000 springs. However, this is just a guide, and different people will benefit from different mattresses. Speak to an expert at The Bed Warehouse Direct to see which mattress is best for you. You can also read our Bed Buyer’s Guide for more expert advice.

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What is a spring count?

Spring count refers to the amount of springs in a mattress. A mattresses’ spring count will be displayed either in store or online when you’re shopping.

What’s the difference between pocket sprung mattresses and open coil mattresses?

The main difference between pocket sprung mattresses and open coil mattresses is that pocket springs move independently of one another, whereas coil systems are connected, so the movement of one coin will affect all others. 

How many pocket springs are good in a mattress?

1000 pocket springs are enough for a comfortable night’s sleep.

What’s the difference between a 1000 and 2000 sprung mattress?

Mattresses with 2000 springs are likely to be firmer and more supportive than a mattress with 1000 springs, given that there are more springs to distribute the weight. However, the number of springs in a mattress isn’t the only thing that contributes to its firmness. Other factors include the type of springs used, the density of the foam layers and the general design of the mattress.

Are pocket sprung mattresses good for side sleepers?

Pocket sprung mattresses are a good choice for side sleepers, as they are able to conform to the shape of the body more closely and provide better support for the hips and shoulders. Side sleepers often benefit from a mattress that is firmer and more supportive in these areas, to help keep the spine aligned and prevent aches and pains.

Which mattress is better, pocket spring or foam?

It’s difficult to give a definitive answer to which mattress is best between pocket spring or foam, as the right mattress for one person may not be the best choice for another. Both pocket sprung and foam mattresses have their own pros and cons, and the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. As a general rule, pocket spring mattresses are more responsive, and are better for people who are heavier or sleep on their sides. Ultimately, it’s best to try a few different styles or speak to an expert before you buy.