5 Best Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are able to offer a really great nights sleep. With each spring sitting in it’s own fabric pocket it can do it’s work independently of the springs around it. It’s a simple idea that has been around for over a hundred years but it has two major advantages over open coil mattresses that we talk about in store daily.

1. Responsive. A pocket sprung mattress can adjust itself to offer correct posture support along the length of your body. Regardless of your weight or body shape.
-This means a deeper sleep and potentially a solution to many aches and pains, particularly lower back pain.
2. Independent. Two people of different weight and body shape can lie together without impacting each others comfort and support.
-This means limited partner disturbance which again means a deeper sleep and a better posture position.

There’s literally hundreds on the market. We’ve come up with a shortlist of the five best pocket sprung mattresses we sell in store every day. We’ve included great value budget models up to the most popular luxury mattresses.
To compare apples with apples it’s standard practice to use the spring count of a king size mattress (150 x 200cm).

1. Serenity 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress. Double from £199.95.
1000 pocket sprung. White fibre fillings. Hand tufted.
Medium support level.
Simply out-standing value for money. We use the Serenity mattress as an entry point to the world of pocket springs as we know it’s a solid, reliable mattress that will serve well for years.
Pro’s: Unlike many “inexpensive” pocket sprung mattresses on the market this isn’t just a bag of springs made to hit a price point. We’ve every confidence that this mattress will give you a great pocket spring experience.
Con’s: It’s pretty firm. Not a bad thing in itself but definitely not sink in luxury.
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2. Verano 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress. Double from £249.95. 
1000 pocket sprung. White fibre fillings. Quilted.
Medium/soft support level.
Hard to ignore in the showroom as it’s such a big and buoyant mattress for the price. At over 30cm of sumptuous luxury its like a magnet to anyone looking for a cloud-like comfort level.
Pro’s: Deep, eye-watering value for money if you like a gentle, luxury feel especially if you are looking to avoid memory foam.
Con’s: Not good if you like anything other than a soft feel or are of a heavier than average build.
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3. Natural Elegance 1500 Pocket Sprung Mattress. Double from £309.95. 
1500 pocket sprung mattress. Natural fillings. Hand tufted. 
Medium/firm support level.
Hand made locally in Birmingham this is a great mattress particularly if a customer wishes to avoid memory foam as more and more people seem to these days. Medium to slightly firm, good spring count, great value and problem free.
Pro’s: It’s not always true but the the weight of a pocket sprung mattress is often closely related to it’s quality. And the Natural Elegance 1500 is heavy. If I get asked to pick one in the warehouse it’s definitely time to grab a trolley a sure sign of quality.

Con’s: The point I make when discussing this mattress with customers is that it does have tufts. Although this system is used in most of the best mattresses in the industry some people are sensitive to the tufts and should avoid. As above, it’s heavy and natural fillings require regular turning. It’s definitely a two person job.
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4. Cashmere And Latex 1200  Pocket Sprung Mattress. Double from £499.95.
1200 pocket sprung mattress. Latex fillings. Cashmere cover.
Medium support level.
A bit of an outlier but for me has everything you need for a great nights sleep. Treated, knitted cashmere cover, resilient latex filling, reinforced edge and plenty of pocket springs. 
Pro’s:  Latex is arguably the best filling available for a mattress. Lasts for ages, always recovers, pressure relieving and importantly keeps you cool and dry unlike memory foam.
Con’s:  Looks fantastic but has a very contemporary design and can look a little thin next to more traditional deeper filled mattresses. Don’t let that put you off it’s a belter.
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5. Highgrove Mayfield 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress. Double from £569.95.
2000 pocket sprung mattress. Natural fillings.
Firm support level.
Deep, robust traditional pocket sprung mattress filled to bursting point with wool, cashmere and silk layers. Hand made but kept at a reasonable price point and will be money well spent. Many of our customers really appreciate the extra firmness of this mattress.
Pro’s: Long lasting firm support from a high quality product. Certainly very limited partner disturbance.
Con’s: Very firm. Absolutely avoid if you are a below average body frame or are seeking anything other than a firm mattress. Very heavy. Unavoidable but mattress will require turning and this will require two fit people!
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Thank you for reading our list of favourite pocket sprung mattresses. We’d love to see you in store if at all possible as trying out a number of mattresses is really the best way to find the perfect mattress for your individual preferences.