5 Best Hybrid Mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses offer a ‘best of both worlds’ sleeping solution. By using both springs and pressure relieving materials they have quickly come to dominate our sales in store.

Hybrid mattresses can reduce the warmer feeling of full foam mattresses by allowing a greater air flow. The springs in the core of a hybrid mattress also offer a firmer more traditional level of support compared to full foam models.

The pressure relieving material above the springs however acts to insulate the sleeper from the metal of the springs and the result is often a really supportive and comfortable mattress.
When choosing a mattress, as in life, the best decisions often involve something of a compromise and hybrid mattresses seem to suit many of our customers.

We’ve selected five of the best hybrid mattresses in our stores across the whole range of budgets and added a link if you wish to view full specifications,  firmness guide and price of each size.

  1. 1. Memory Collection Hybrid Mattress. Double from £189.95.
    Open coil springs with a memory foam filling.
    Medium support level.
    A UK made mattress that we originally sold purely online. After a lot of really positive feedback from customers we introduced the mattress in-store and it continues to impress.
    Pro’s: Enough memory foam for deep comfort but the spring core removes the spongy feeling that some people don’t like with full memory mattresses. Of course at this price point it offers tremendous value too.
    Con’s: Whilst cooler than a full memory mattress it still has a decent layer of memory foam. If you are extra sensitive to being warm at night then avoid.
    More Info Here

  2. 2. Coral Memory Hybrid Mattress. Double from £249.95.
    1000 pocket springs with a memory foam filling.
    Medium/soft support level.
    An instant hit when introduced to our stores. A big, heavy memory pocket mattress packed full and then finished with a great quality Tencel cover for freshness. If you’ve never slept on pocket springs before this is a great place to start.
    Pro’s: Nice and soft and comfy. Plenty of sink in feeling but with a reassuring amount of support coming from the pocket springs.
    Con’s: No tufts and no edge reinforcement gives this mattress it’s softer feel but can result in the edge feeling a bit squidgy when getting in or out.
    More Info Here

  3. 3. Majestic Cool Gel Hybrid Mattress. Double from £349.95.
    1000 pocket springs with a Cool Gel filling.
    Medium/firm support level.
    A rolled mattress that just sells and sells, incredibly popular once a customer has tested. Loads of features including cool gel memory foam, pocket springs and reinforced edges.
    Pro’s: Similar specification to many of the rolled and boxed mattresses that dominate the internet but at a much lower price. Fantastic construction too.
    Con’s: Deceptively firm. Certainly avoid if you are looking for cloud like support.
    More Info Here

  4. 4. Duo 1000 Hybrid Mattress. Double from £399.95
    1000 pocket springs with a Laygel filling.
    Medium or Firm support or Combine both support levels.
    A real state of the art mattress designed to alleviate many of the problems couples face when choosing the mattress that they share. With the ability to optimise temperature for each sleeper and create medium and firm levels of support within one mattress it’s a real winner especially if couples are of different builds.
    Pro’s: The Duo 1000 mattress has a raft of features designed to give each sleeper their own sleep environment even in a shared mattress. After all, the most common sleep problem that we encounter in store is partner disturbance.
    Con’s: The two comfort levels are medium and firm. If you are looking for a really soft, sink in feeling then avoid.
    More Info Here

  5. 5. Highgrove Radiant 1500 Hybrid Mattress. Double from £619.95.
    1500 pocket springs with a memory foam filling.
    Medium/soft support level.
    So difficult to condense this list to five models but based on consumer reaction in store the Radiant 1500 definitely deserves it’s spot. 
    Pro’s: A real beast of a mattress. Certainly wouldn’t be a favourite for the delivery team. An example of the best from the past getting an upgrade from all that’s good with current sleep technology.
    Con’s: Still a very deep memory foam layer. The bamboo infused cover will minimise extra heat but if at all concerned about extra warmth have a look at the sister model Latex Excellence also from Highgrove Beds. Similarly if you are of a heavier build the Radiant may be a touch soft. Again have a look at the Latex Excellence in store.
    More Info Here

    Thank you for reading our list of favourites hybrid mattresses. We’d love to see you in store if at all possible as trying out a number of mattresses is really the best way to find the perfect mattress for your individual preferences.