Record Breaking Beds and Mattresses.

Welcome to the interesting world of beds and mattresses, where comfort meets record-breaking achievements! As a leading bed and mattress retailer, we’re thrilled to dive into the realm of extraordinary feats involving these essential elements of our daily lives. From the largest mattresses to the oldest beds, join us on a journey that will make you see your own bed or mattress in a new light.

The Largest Mattress:

Imagine a mattress so vast that it could comfortably accommodate an entire neighborhood! In 2019, the record for the world’s largest mattress was claimed by The Ace Collection, a luxury mattress manufacturer. Measuring a staggering 12 feet by 10 feet, this mammoth mattress redefined the boundaries of bedtime luxury. Designed to provide ample space for families or those who cherish sprawling sleep real estate, this record-breaking mattress showcases the limitless possibilities in the world of bedding.

The Oldest Mattress:

Delving into history, we uncover the tale of the oldest mattress ever discovered. Archaeologists in South Africa unearthed a mattress dating back over 77,000 years. Crafted from layers of compacted plant material, this ancient bedding offers a glimpse into the resourcefulness of our ancestors. The discovery not only sheds light on early human sleeping habits but also emphasizes the enduring importance of a comfortable night’s rest throughout the ages.

The Oldest Bed:

If you thought the discovery of the oldest mattress was intriguing, brace yourself for the oldest bed on record. Excavated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, this ancient bed is estimated to be around 50,000 years old. Constructed from layers of compacted ash and sediments, it showcases the resourcefulness and ingenuity of early humans in creating a raised sleeping surface for added comfort and protection.

The Longest Time Spent in Bed:

While most of us strive for an active and productive lifestyle, there are those who have made a record out of spending an extended period in bed. The Guinness World Record for the longest time spent in bed is a staggering 94 days! Set in 2018 by Armando Medina from Chicago, this feat serves as a testament to the human body’s adaptability to extended periods of rest. Medina’s record-breaking nap was closely monitored by medical professionals to ensure his well-being, emphasizing the importance of responsible record-breaking attempts.

The Largest Bed Jump:

Who says bedtime can’t be fun? In 2018, a group of 1,150 enthusiastic individuals gathered in China to set the record for the largest bed jump. Bouncing their way into the record books, participants simultaneously leaped onto a giant bed, creating a spectacle that combined jubilation and synchronized acrobatics. This lively event not only showcased the joy of sleep but also highlighted the communal spirit that beds can inspire.

The Biggest Water Bed:

Taking bedtime luxury to a whole new level, the record for the world’s biggest water bed was set in 2009. Located in the Netherlands, this aquatic marvel measured an astounding 8,000 square feet. Imagine the serenity of floating on a colossal water bed, surrounded by the gentle sway of water – a testament to the innovation and creativity in the world of sleep.

The World’s Most Expensive Bed:

For those who believe that the epitome of comfort comes with a hefty price tag, the world’s most expensive bed is sure to turn heads. Designed by Stuart Hughes, the Baldacchino Supreme, priced at a staggering $6.3 million, is a masterpiece of opulence. Crafted from solid gold and featuring exquisite Italian silk, this bed is not just a sleeping space; it’s a work of art that redefines the concept of luxury.

Most People in One Bed:

Bringing people together in the name of sleep, the record for the most people in one bed was established in 2011 in China. A total of 68 participants squeezed into a custom-made, king-sized bed, showcasing the power of communal rest. This record not only emphasized the social aspect of bedtime but also highlighted the creative ways in which people around the world celebrate the joy of sleep.

Furthest Distance a Bed Has Been Pushed:

Adding a touch of adventure to the world of beds, the record for the furthest distance a bed has been pushed was set in 2015 in the United Kingdom. A team of enthusiasts pushed a bed an astonishing 3.53 miles, proving that when it comes to unconventional records, beds can be both mobile and memorable. This feat demonstrates the versatility and unexpected capabilities of these everyday items.


As we explore these remarkable world records involving beds and mattresses, it’s evident that these everyday items hold an extraordinary place in our lives. From the colossal to the ancient, from the enduring to the playful, and from the extravagant to the communal, these records remind us that the world of sleep is as diverse and dynamic as the individuals who indulge in it.

At The Bed Warehouse, we take pride in providing you with a range of beds and mattresses that cater to your unique preferences and comfort needs. Whether you’re aiming for a record-breaking night of rest or simply seeking a sanctuary for rejuvenation, our collection is designed to meet your every bedtime desire. Join us in celebrating the wonders of sleep and the incredible feats achieved in the world of beds and mattresses. After all, a well-rested world is a world full of endless possibilities!