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At The Bed Warehouse Direct we make it our job to find your perfect king size mattress. As the most important component to a great nights sleep it's imperative to find the right mattress for your individual body shape and weight distribution and preferred comfort level. 

What size is a king size mattress?

A king size mattress is 150cm wide and 200cm long. In imperial measurements that's 5'0" wide and 6'6" long. It's a very popular size. Although only 16% larger than a standard double mattress it offers a significant extra feeling of space for each person when sleeping with a partner. Anyone over around six foot tall should consider a king size mattress as it prevents taller peoples feet hanging off the edge of the mattress. A king size bed obviously requires more space in the bedroom than a double so check you have the room. Other common mattress sizes are of course available.

Small single mattress   75cm x 190cm   2'6" x 6'3"

Single Mattress   90cm x 190cm   3'0" x 6'3"

Three Quarter Mattress 120cm x 190cm   4'0" x 6'3"

Double Mattress   135cm x 190cm   4'6" x 6'3"

King Size Mattress 150cm x 200cm   5'0" x 6'6"

Super King Size Mattress 180cm x 200cm   6'0" x 6'6"

What's the best type of king size mattress ?

King size mattresses can be made from traditional materials using traditional manufacturing techniques or more modern materials using newly developed and automated techniques. Quite often though a mix of old and new creates some of the best king size mattresses. Below is a list of each mattress type along with a short overview and a link to the relevant section on our website.

Open Coil King Size Mattress.   Made from linked steel coil springs. Each spring is connected to the springs around it with each mattress finished with an edge of thicker gauge steel. Although a range of firmness can be achieved with this construction we feel it best suits firmer mattresses sometimes known as king size orthopaedic mattresses. These orthopaedic mattresses have often been associated as being better for bad backs although this isn't always true.

Pocket Spring King Size Mattress.   Made from individually fabric encased steel springs, each spring is effectively independent of the springs around it. This allows the springs free movement and a king size mattress that adapts and responds to the individual sleeper. This ensures responsive comfort without a loss of support, no matter the body shape of the sleeper.

Memory Foam King Size Mattress.   Made from layers of various types of foam glued together to create a very responsive level of comfort without pressure points. Some users of king size memory foam mattresses complain of being too hot or that they had difficulty moving during the night. Modern memory foam mattresses address these concerns by using layers of cooling foam or extra springy latex based foams.

Hybrid King Size Mattress.   Often a combination of traditional spring mattress manufacture and newer memory foam technologies hybrid mattresses achieve a best of both worlds scenario and create some of our most favourite king size mattresses.

What's the best type of king size mattress for my sleep position ?

Front sleeper.   If you sleep on your front then it's important to avoid a too soft mattress and look for a firm king size mattress. Too much "give" and your hips will sink too far often leading to lower back ache. Front sleeping is often a sub-concious response to an already damaged lower back condition but if possible front sleeping should be avoided.

Back sleeper.   If you sleep on your back then a medium to firm king size mattress is desirable. The mattress again should be firm enough to keep you straight at the hips but soft enough to accomodate the curve of your bum.

Side sleeper.   A side sleeper requires the most responsiveness from their mattress. Both the hips and shoulders need to be allowed to sink in whilst the waist requires support. A medium to soft king size mattress is often the answer depending on body shape. 

What does a king size mattress cost ?

We always recommend spending as much as you can afford on a new king size mattress. The physical and mental health benefits of a great nights sleep year after year can't be counted in pounds and pence. However, it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Assuming a new king size mattress lasts around 8 years with 2 people sleeping on it even a higher range king size mattress from £500 would be costing each sleeper from as little as 9 pence per night.

A mid range king size mattress costing between £200 and £500 would work out at between 3.5 pence and 8.5 pence per sleeper per night.

And if you were to buy a cheap king size mattress for less than £200 that could be as low as just 2 pence per night per person.

How should I choose a king size mattress ?

Firstly, ascertain a desired comfort level that suits both yourself and your partner. Think about what you liked about your existng king size mattress when it was new. Or what you'd like to change about it now that it's old. It often helps to think about a holiday where you both slept particularly well and recreate the feel of that mattress.

Secondly, be aware of how your own body shape and weight will impact your choice. The product descriptions and firmness guides are based on average body shapes. A mattress will feel very different to a six stone person than it will to a sixteen stone person.

Thirdly use the extensive resources on this site, FAQ videosBed Buyers Guide or our Blog to find a type of king mattress that will create the comfort level you are looking for.

Fourthly, please feel free to call on our extensive knowledge and expertise. Call us free on 0800 049 0800. (9.30 - 5.00) Or send us an email here and we'll call you back. All of our advisors are the same people you'd meet in-store and have over one hundred years of experience between them. No pushy sales techniques just friendly, honest and highly skilled advice. 

Do I need a new king size bed base ?

Check your existing bed base. It needs to be king size, flat and level and where sprung of equal firmness across the whole surface. Any weakness in your king size base will very quickly result in a fault in your new mattress. If your base looks good then listen out for any creaks and groans as this can indicate a fault. If you decide that you do need a new bed base then consider these potential solutions.

King Size Bed Frame. No offence to other bed bases out there but a king size bed frame can really add a touch of style to your bedroom. Whether it be retro WOW, vintage chic, or subtle contemporary we have hundreds of bed frames waiting to become the centre-piece of your bedroom. 

King Size Ottoman Storage Base. For many people, modern houses fail to offer enough storage space. Utilising the space beneath your mattress is a no-brainer and we have a fantastic selection of king size ottoman bases with lift up storage for you to choose from.

King Size Divan Base. For many a sturdy, long lasting mattress support is the priority. And divan bases provide just that. A king size timber framework covered in fabric gives a substantial but inexpensive platform for your mattress. Plus you can choose your colour of fabric and add handy storage drawers.

King size headboards can be added to divan bases and divan ottoman bases to increase the visual attraction of what can be quite functional pieces of furniture. All things considered a King size divan ottoman base with a beautiful headboard made in a fabric to compliment your bedroom creates a stylish, practical and ultra strong support for your new mattress.