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Double Divan Beds

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  • Bella Budget Double Non Storage Divan Bed

    Bella Budget Double Divan Bed

  • Worthing Deluxe Divan Bed

    Worthing Deluxe Double Divan Bed

  • Brighton Deluxe Divan Bed

    Brighton Deluxe Double Divan Bed

  • Natural Touch 1000 Deluxe Divan Set

    Natural Touch 1000 Deluxe Double Divan Bed

  • Turner 1000 Pocket Divan Set

    Turner 1000 Deluxe Double Divan Bed

  • Renoir 1000 Deluxe Divan Bed

    Renoir 1000 Deluxe Double Divan Bed

  • Cadiz Pocket 1000 Three Quarter Divan Bed

    Cadiz Pocket 1000 Double Divan Bed

  • Nimbus 1000 Luxury Divan Bed

    Nimbus 1000 Luxury Double Divan Bed

  • Verano Ottoman Divan Bed

    Verano Ottoman Storage Double Divan Bed

  • Natural Sleep Pocket 4000 Double Divan Bed

    Natural Sleep Pocket 4000 Double Divan Bed


Grid List

Set Descending Direction

10 Item(s)

The Bed Warehouse Direct stock an extensive range of divan beds, and are perfect for those who are looking to buy a new double divan bed, or are looking to upgrade the size of the bed and the storage that’s available to them.

Our range of double divan beds are perfect for couples, as they are designed to fit two people in them or a solo sleeper who enjoys plenty of room. Our collection includes many different shapes, styles, colours and fabrics for you to choose from for your bed, as well as many different types of mattresses that come with your divan bed.

What is a double divan bed?

A double divan bed is a bed that comes with or without in-built storage drawers and a matching mattress. Divan beds are usually wooden framed beds covered in an upholstered fabric and have wheels to easily manoeuvre them around your bedroom and a mattress. The size of a standard double bed is typically 4’6” by 6’3” (135x190cm).

Why choose a double divan bed?

Divan beds are great for adding additional storage space to a bedroom, as under-bed draws are a perfect way of keeping your belongings out of sight.

Divan beds also come with a matching mattress, meaning you don’t need to worry about buying a mattress to go with your bed. With The Bed Warehouse Direct, you can choose a mattress that’s memory foam, coil spring or pocket spring, as well as a selection of different levels of firmness.

As well as being a handy divan bed, a double divan bed is the perfect size for most bedrooms. They offer a perfect medium between a king-size bed that may not just quite fit into your bedroom, and three-quarter beds that may not be quite large enough for a couple to sleep in.

If you’re looking for a double bed that offers a neat storage solution, then a double divan bed could be the perfect option for your bedroom.

Our double divan beds are supplied with headboard fixing bolts and concealed headboard fixing points enabling you to easily fit your existing headboard or you could buy a new one here.

How big are double divan beds?

The measurements of a double divan bed is 4’6” wide and 6’3” long. Or alternatively, 135cm wide and 190cm long.

We also stock a range of double mattresses, double bed frames and double ottoman beds, if you’re considering any other options for a double bed.

Will a double divan bed fit in my car?

Most of our double divan beds won’t fit inside your car, however there’s no need to worry about getting your new bed home with The Bed Warehouse Direct.

We offer free express delivery for all of our beds to mainland England and Wales, meaning you can have a better night’s sleep within days.

Double divan bed storage options

Within our range of double divan beds, you can customise the storage options within your bed at checkout.

You can choose from either no drawers to 4 drawers with our collection of double divan beds, meaning you can make the perfect bed for your needs.We can even supply double divan beds with two drawers on the same side if the bed is to be positioned against a wall. Double divan beds usually arrive in two halves but if you have an awkward staircase we can arrange to split them into 4 quarters. Please enquire. 

Why choose The Bed Warehouse Direct?

We offer quality products at great value for money, and people throughout the UK continue to choose us for their bed and mattress needs. Our double divan beds are built to last and affordably priced, and come in a range of styles that are sure to suit your taste.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - we’ll be happy to help. You can also read our Bed Buyer’s Guide for more expert advice.

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